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Build A Culture That Cares Through Group Skill Sharing

Sign up with your group, onboard your members, and explore your community offerings. Skill share with your network no matter where you are, or when you need them.

Create A Connected Culture

A new way of engaging your members in supporting the well being of each other and the greater community.


Clear access & records of account info at all times


Create events & advertise instantly & easily

ON-Demand Task Requests

The ability to create & fulfill tasks to earn Balance Coins™

verified profiles

 Maximum credibility to build trust with users.


Keep track of all metrics through your admin dashboard

bi-directional feedback

Share comments of both the receiver and the provider

YING unlocks Overlooked Capacity For Businesses, Governments, Non-Profits, And Community Leaders.

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Interested in YING for Enterprise?

Add community capital to your bottom line.

Skill sharing provides intrinsic value beyond financial wins, creating a sense of loyalty, and connection to the mission, and the people that drive it.

Build trust and mental wellness

Research has shown a direct correlation between mental wellness and overall trust in communities. Our Community Capital skill sharing platform gives you the ability to achieve these outcomes.

Discover your own community data

Measure ongoing skill sharing amongst the community, and watch your community capital grow.

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