YING – A New Lifestyle


YING payment wearables are accepted worldwide!
Anywhere that Visa contactless is accepted.
Simply Tap n' Pay.

Some advantages:

  • Water-proof

  • Made from recycled ocean plastic

  •  Fraud secure

  •  Lightweight

  •  No Battery & Does not require charging

Pre-order our payment wearables TODAY!

Do you prefer it classic?

We offer a virtual card that can be added to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. In the YING app, you can easily request a physical Visa Debit card made of recycled Ocean Plastic or Metal.

Doing good, instantly

ROUND UP is A Payment Initiative Where Every
User Can Automatically Round Up Every
Transaction To The Next Full Dollar Amount …

Can Instantly Donate
To Reach The Next
Level Of The Program.

Round up

Use Our Ying Payment Wearables
That works like a Normal Contactless
VISA Debit Cards Worldwide.
Order now!
A Dedicated Section In The App
Shows The ROUNDUP Program
including your Good Cause
Balance, Money donated by the
community As Well As The
Necessary Donation To Unlock
The Next Reward


Add on – more features:

The Wallet Shows You: 

  • balance available
  • Notifications about offers or events in
    your community
  • Notification about when vouchers are
    received based on your preferences
  • Manage your payment wearable or card

let’s you do peer-to-peer
transactions without additional
charges or fees

We're redefining work

Work on tasks and gigs that light you up. Share your skills with your community and earn while doing it.

YING members can choose whether they earn in USD or our cryptocurrency, The Balance Coin™, or both.

Organization, Teams, Events

Whether you're an enterprise, a nonprofit, or planning a significant
event, YING Wearables are the perfect blend of tech-savvy
functionality and fashionable flair. Benefit from our special pricing for
bulk orders and customized options tailored to your needs.

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