What is community capital

What is community capital?

Collective Trust. Inner value and resources that exist amongst social connections within an organization’s foundation which can account for sustaining productivity and a healthy culture. These relationships tie back to normative values and human centered conversations amongst colleagues who CARE for each other’s well being and their connection to the community they call home. At the end of the day the more TRUST built within a community the more loyalty, value, and sense of wholeness a person will have with the culture they’ve chosen to be a part of.

Beyond the companies market driven tasks that drive financial gains with very little “relational trust” within the transaction – community capital centers around the health and welfare of members and the environment in which they reside. Community Capital beyond financial capital often brings greater intrinsic value and belonging to an organization or community. A sense of loyalty, connection to the mission, and trust for the people that drive it. 

How much community capital exists in your organization or neighborhood ?

Four Steps to Create a More Connected Culture resulting in a high Community Capital yield.

  1. Recognize each person’s innate gifts and talents organic to their authentic selves. Inventory the skills and interests. 
  2. Facilitate an environment that allows for organic requests and offers – (transactions) to take place amongst members and your organization. These exchanges are core to building a culture engaged in building strong and authentic relationships amongst community stakeholders.
  3. Measure ongoing “collisions” of transactions amongst the community and celebrate the milestones similar to financial wins. Measure feedback amongst the transactions to monitor the interconnectedness and quality of the relationship connections.
  4. Build a borderless community culture with external stakeholders that support your members interests, needs, and abilities. Connect to your external stakeholders!

What Beneficial Outcomes should you be looking for? 

Increased Trust 

A connected culture

New capacity  

Increased mission loyalty 

Financial savings 

Increased Resiliency 

A well balanced community of stakeholders

The time is now to recognize the enormous needs and capacity to rebuild and reimagine what work life balance can look like. If we’ve realized anything through the pandemic 

We’ve recognized the need to increase the tools to support borderless cultures that have a direct impact on our wellbeing.

Interested in learning more about how to implement these four easy steps to strengthen and enhance this hidden value to your bottom line, reach out and let’s talk…..like human to human dialogue 🙂