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The Heart Behind Our Mission

YING's commitment to Maui isn't just corporate; it's personal. The revival and resilience of Maui is a story close to our CEO's heart.

Personal Story:

In the mid-'90s, our CEO's father moved to Kihei, Maui, where he remarried, gifting an extended family that's cherished to this day. The eternal rest of their father lies in the Punchbowl at the Pacific Military Cemetery as a United States Purple Heart Marine. This bond to Maui, strengthened by the presence of brothers and sisters makes the recent events in Lahaina deeply personal.

Lahaina, a treasured spot frequented by our Maui family, witnessed a heart-wrenching event that has left our brothers and sisters absolutely devastated. In these trying times, the local United Way has been a beacon of hope and resilience. The Sovereign Nation of Hawaii is to be treasured and acknowledged for its mission of maintaining the original stewards of the land. This initiative by YING is a humble effort to support, rebuild, and bring back the magic of Lahaina and especially the essence of Hawaii’s Aloha spirit.

Karla Ballard Williams - In honor of our Maui family and our parents Forrest and Fely Ballard


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